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We’re committed to offering innovative POS payment solutions to meet your business’s needs.

PAX A920 or S920

PAX A920 or PAX S920

The PAX A920 and PAX S920 POS terminals offer Wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities.  These are smooth handheld point-of-sale device that merchants can easily use remotely to provide customers with the convenience of a full range of payment options.  Payment Mobility has never looked so good.  Reliable and effective, with the touch-screen interface, it is an easy product to train on and use.

PAX A920 or S920

Clover Flex

Clover Flex wireless payment terminal has been updated (2022).  The Clover Flex LTE is a full-featured payment and business management device that’s optimized for mobility. Whether you’re checking out customers in-line, at the table, outside your store or behind the counter, Clover Flex takes orders and payments where your customers are. It fits comfortably in your hand for portability and can be handed to a customer to dip, swipe, tap, sign or enter a PIN.  There are two different versions of the Clover Flex LTE.  Wi-Fi only model and 4G/Wi-Fi model.  *Some models may not be available due to ongoing shortages.

Merchant's Corner

Yes, Fall is in the air. Many farmers markets are wrapping up their season soon. If your market is wrapping up the selling season, then that means planning for next year will be right around the corner. COVID has given a new meaning to contactless at farmers markets. This season more than ever in the…

You may have concerns about the best ways to clean your POS equipment to limit the spread of the virus. Here are some tips we’ve assembled:  Many machines can be damaged by standard sanitizing products, particularly if they are sprayed or squirt directly onto the equipment. Instead, follow these steps for cleaning: Turn off and…

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Established in 1994, MerchantSource® has helped thousands of merchants to maximize income potential by providing credit, debit, SNAP/EBT (food stamp), and cash benefit card acceptance as well as processing checks and gift card payments from their customers.

MerchantSource® is a premier provider of wireless – mobile equipment, supplies and services for direct marketing farmers and Farmer Markets. We believe in empowering business owners across the country in understanding the landscape of credit, debit and gift card acceptance that affect their everyday business, and offer innovative solutions.