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With the recent news of Nova Dia Group ending its MarketLink and Mobile Market Plus solutions effective July 31, 2018, many farmers markets and direct marketing farmers are placed in a challenging position.  MerchantSource® has known the Nova Dia Group for a long time and how it has impacted the wireless mobile processing world with Farmers Markets across the country.

While MerchantSource® does not offer the Mobile Market Plus solution we can offer alternative solutions.

We possess 24 years of hands on experience in the merchant services industry and working specifically with Farmers markets and direct-marketing farmers providing Wireless POS devices since 2003.  We have worked with USDA FNS offices and thru many federal funded programs since the beginning of the funding in 2012.  We are listed as a preferred vendor with the USDA FNS as well as FMC (Farmers’ Market Coalition) who handled the USDA funding for the past 3 years.

We offer cost effective rental solutions as well as purchase solutions that are point of sale terminals or APP based devices using the latest technologies to process SNAP/EBT, credit and debit cards wirelessly.  We understand the need for expedited service during this trying peak time for farmers’ markets.  If we are aware of any possible funding resources in your state we are happy to share them with you.

MerchantSource® has recently launched a Healthy Ways™ incentive card program APP based solution which offers many matching dollar programs for farmers markets and special projects.

I would encourage anyone interested in obtaining assistance with an experienced provider to reach out to us at 1-800-313-5198 option 2 for more information.

Our goal is to help reduce the challenges you face during this time.  Please call us at 1-800-313-5198 and let us give you information which can work to help you make a change for the better.


Kim Lyons


Merchant Resource Center, Inc.


Office:  (800) 313-5198

Fax:  (239) 498-5199

Email:  KimL@merchantsource.com


MerchantSource® is a premier provider of wireless – mobile equipment, supplies and services for direct-marketing farmers and Farmer Markets.  We believe in empowering business owners across the country in understanding the landscape of credit, debit and gift card acceptance that affect their everyday business.  We offer innovative solutions.

MerchantSource® has been in business since 1994 and we have several years of experience working with retail/mobile businesses.  We have experience in working with Federal, State and Local Government entities as well as not-for-profit organizations, in providing wireless processing solutions for SNAP – EBT Food Stamps and EBT Cash Benefit cards, credit, debit and specialty incentive cards (such as gift cards) at retailer locations.

MerchantSource® is recognized as a preferred wireless technology vendor on the USDA FNS website as well as on grant opportunities with the Farmers Market Coalition.   Farmers markets, direct marketing farmers and mobile food retailers can take advantage of the expertise and processing options that make it easier to offer their customers not only healthy locally grown food options but also convenient payment options.

Not a farmers market?  No problem.  We also provide solutions to meet the needs of retail brick and mortar businesses as well as eCommerce.

Call us today… we are here to help you grow!

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