Clover Go

Accept payments on the go, wherever and whenever.

Is your Business on the move? Then check out the portable, small Clover Go. The Clover Go is ideal for business on the move such as farmers’ markets, trade shows, mobile businesses or direct service companies like A/C and plumbing companies.

You can pair your Clover Go with an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet running the Clover Go app with the mobile device carrier of your choice.

The Bluetooth-enabled Clover Go gives you the ability to accept credit and debit cards, including chip cards — right from your smartphone or tablet. You can processes Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay contactless payment types.

How easy is it to get started? What is required? Give us a call for details on how you can get your Clover Go and accept payment on the GO, 1-800-313-5198.

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Clover Go Product Sales Sheet (PDF)

Clover Go

*Requires a merchant account through our services

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