A Visa Solution

When your shopping cart calls for integration to a payment processing platform, think Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service that securely transmits online transactions for payment. In 1995 MerchantSource joined the Authorize.Net family as a reseller providing, at that time a new innovative way to accept payment from customers right online. Since that time Authorize.Net’s payment gateway has grown to become A Visa Solution.

Authorize.Net plan offers flexibility to add processing options as you grow.

Plan Features are:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Customer Information Manager
  • Recurring Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Simple Checkout

Additional processing services are Account Updater and E-Check Processing.

Authorize.Net does not cost anything to setup and small monthly gateway fee of $25.00 per month. Per transaction fee of $0.10 with a daily batch fee of $0.10.


Authorize.Net offers 13 fraud filters that you can configure to specifically identify, manager and prevent costly fraudulent transactions. Prevention is just one tool feature Authorize.Net gateway offers.
What Fraud Prevention filters are included as part of your account setup:

Shipping Filters: This filter will help you identify shipping-billing mismatches. You will use
Shipping Address Verification and Enhanced AVS Handling to flag suspicious transactions.

IP Filters: Blocking IP Addresses, IP regions or address, IP transaction velocity and designate specific server IP Addresses that are unauthorized to submit transactions.

Transaction Filters: These filters will let you validate credit card information before processing. You can also set thresholds based on amounts, or even flag suspicious activity based on Authorize.Nets’ proprietary criteria.

Velocity Filters: Place Maximum limits on the number of transactions’ allowed per day or per hour to identify high-volume fraud.


Authorize.Net’s gateway speeds up check for your customers and makes payment seamless. Give customers the ability to save their billing, payment and shipping information on file for future orders. A customers profile can include multiple payment methods and shipping locations promoting east of use. Merchants can also manage these customer profiles and issue transactions manually from within your merchant Interface. With the Authorize.Net gateway, merchants can utilize with API (Application Programming Interface) integration with your own website.

Authorize.Net payment gateway also meets compliancy requirements of the payment card
industry standards (PCI DSS) in CIM storage of sensitive payment information on secure servers.


Automated Recurring Billing™ is an easy, convenient way for customers to have their monthly recurring or installment payments automated through Automated Recurring Billing (ARB). This easy recurring billing tool improves billing efficiency and security. Remove the hassle of manually re-entering transactions and avoid creating possible human errors. Once you create a subscription in your Merchant Interface, or integrate thru the Authorize.Net ARB API, let Authorize.Net’s ARB do the rest.


What is Digital Invoicing? A simple way to invoice your customers sending directly to their email. Invoices are mobile friendly and you can customize them making it easy for customers to simply click to pay. Quicker payment, quicker income. An easy tool delivered securely by Authorize.Net.


Simple Checkout explained is a Buy Now or Donate button on your website which takes them to Authorize.Net’s secure hosted payment form to entire payment information. Yes, this is PCI DDS compliant. Keep it simple with your customers with Simple Checkout.
How easy is it to create a button? As easy as CCP:

  • Customize your settings
  • Copy the HTML codes which automatically generates for you
  • Paste it into your code on your website. That’s it.

Want to expand the abilities of Authorize.Net payment gateway? Add these features to your account, Account Updater and E-Check Processing. Additional costs apply but these two programs offer you more flexibility and payment processing options. Authorize.Net does the work and updates card data in your Customer Information Manager (CIM) profiles and with Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) subscriptions.

Account Updater features:

  • Increase Authorization approvals
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Reporting – easy to read
  • Pay when you use: You only pay per update. With an average of 35% of cards update in the first month, followed by 7% after each month.

Electronic Check Payments (called E-Check.Net®)
You can accept electronic check payment with eCheck.Net®. eCheck.Net® provides direct ACH payments from banks to your website. No setup fee and call us for more details on which eCheck.Net services works best to meet your needs.

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