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Wireless SNAP-EBT, credit, debit card Equipment

Wireless SNAP-EBT, credit, debit card Equipment

Are you a mobile merchant, a farmers market – looking to accept SNAP cards (formerly EBT Food Stamp) cards at your business?  Do you sell at farmers markets or have a road side stand?


MerchantSource offers a variety of wireless processing devices to fit your businesses needs.

We understand the impact which connectivity has on your device working properly at your market.  So if you don’t have good AT&T coverage what other options do you have?

MerchantSource offers a variety of devices which connect using different carriers, such as AT & T, Verizon and different processing platforms for that connectivity GSM/GPRS vs CDMA.

Not all wireless equipment connects in the same way and not all hardware types are compati

ble with different platforms and processors.

Call us today at 1-800-313-5198 and share your point-of-sale connectivity issues.  Let us share how we can help with device, connectivity and processing solutions to meet your needs.


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Merchants may offer customers one or both of the following EBT programs

  • Food Stamp EBT replaces paper coupons.

The recipient will receive a plastic card and PIN to access food stamp benefits electronically.

  • Cash Benefit EBT replaces various paper checks that are issued to pay out benefits.

There are a variety of cash benefit types, such as state and local welfare payments, unemployment and housing or energy assistance, as well as childcare costs that are not available through the EBT program.

The Food Stamp Benefits:

Supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores – which have been authorized for food stamp acceptance by the USDA-FNS – are the primary target markets for the food stamp EBT program.

The Cash Benefits:

Any type of retail merchant can accept cash benefit EBT cards. Most states have no set qualifying criteria, although a few states do have restrictions on EBT card use for purchasing nonfood items and for using the card in gambling establishments.

Some states or cities (e.g., Texas, Illinois, California, San Diego) require merchants to have a food and nutrition service (FNS) number to process EBT. Since an FNS number requires the merchant to accept food stamps, processing cash benefits is an option for only food-related businesses in these locations.

After the merchant selects the appropriate transaction to run (food stamp or a cash benefit purchase) and runs the transaction, the funds are transferred to the merchant’s bank via ACH deposit.

Accepting and processing EBT cards electronically has proven to be a terrific means of reducing fraud and paperwork, while speeding the reimbursement process. An added security – No More chargebacks !

Easily and convenient, a merchant can process credit card, debit card, and EBT transactions all on one (1) credit card terminal with a printer and pin pad.