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First Data FD410-DW GPRS Wireless EBT


Help Your Business Improve your bottom line

•  Accept all major credit cards
•  Keep infrastructure costs low with a combination terminal and printer
•  Prepare for EMV chip technology and new security guidelines that add an important layer of security
Deliver superior customer service
•  Improve customer wait times with faster transactions
•  Quickly generate receipts with built-in quick printer
•  Protect customers from fraud with customer, merchant and report truncation features
Easy-to-use technology
•  Intuitive touch-screen display for ease of use
•  Fast terminal downloads using IP or dial-up, with Wi-Fi as an option
•  Easy support of both IP and dial-up with
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
•  True 32-bit processing (ARM9 32-bit CPU core)
•  Quick and hassle-free drop-in paper-loading system


•  Compact design
•  Windows CE 6.0; speedy ARM9 400Mhz CPU
•  Processing capabilities for ATM, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions and check payments
•  Fast printer capable of 15 lines per second
•  IP connectivity with dial-up as a backup and Wi-Fi as an additional option
•  Durable keys
•  Touch-screen capability with 320×240 color display
•  Merchant-friendly one-touch feature for daily functions
•  Three-track magnetic-stripe reader
•  64 MB RAM standard memory
•  Three USB ports
•  Address verification service
•  Batch history
•  Simplified support and installation
• 2.25-inch-wide thermal roll printer


How the FD410-DW Works

FD410 Wireless terminal

Wireless FD410-DW terminal

The FD410-DW terminal is light and ergonomically shaped for true mobility and flexibility.  The FD410-DW is the latest version of First Data’s wireless devices.  It uses 3G technology to connect wirelessly over AT&T’s GPRS network which means you’ll be getting the fastest data transmissions and more coverage area for your business.

You can process transactions from almost any location; accept credit, debit, SNAP/EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash Benefit cards, gift and loyalty cards easily and securely.


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