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Eclipse® Terminal – DISCONTINUED ITEM


TeleCheck® is again leading the way with a sleek payment terminal that is the perfect alignment of form and functionality. It is called Eclipse® and it is sure to surpass anything you’ve encountered.

The Eclipse® credit card payment terminal transforms a multi-payment option into a merchant’s dream by eliminating the need for different terminals to authorize and process checks, credit and ATM/debit cards, and EBT transactions. Several of the new features include: a built-in ink jet printer, touch-screen interface and an innovative check imaging system. The Eclipse® payment terminal is the enabler for the TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) service, the revolutionary process that converts paper checks into electronic items at the point of sale and delivers funds directly to your account, cutting paperwork and improving cash flow.

Important update:

The TeleCheck Eclipse terminal reached “end of life” status in December 2007. The new Eclipse terminals can no longer be ordered from the manufacturer . However, there is a sufficient supply of refurbished Eclipse units to meet replacement/swap requests for the foreseeable future.

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A Brilliant World Of Capability

The Eclipse® terminal combines the benefits of the industry’s largest, most accurate data bases with the most advanced authorization and payment technology. Here are just a few of its many features and benefits:


Supports all non-cash payment options, including checks, credit and ATM/debit cards, and EBT transactions. It also can support up to three TeleCheck® programs, making it the single solution for all your payment needs.

  • Built-in ink jet receipt printer reduces counter space, voids ECA transactions, and franks paper checks to include your subscriber number and approval code, which saves time and minimizes errors.
  • Back-lit touch-screen display provides user-friendly interface and exceptional visibility, even in low light.
  • Instantaneous authorization speeds checkout using risk-assessment capabilities.
  • State-of-the-art check reader converts paper checks into electronic items with added precision, reducing error and fraud.
  • Dual-track magnetic stripe reader automatically collects and inputs data from credit cards and driver’s licenses, reducing procedural errors.
  • Full reporting capability provides easy access to all payment information including both totals and details for all payment types.
  • Stores up to 500 check and 300 card transactions, greatly reducing closing frequency requirements.
  • Check imaging allows merchants to process checks without identification in most cases.


Eclipse® Terminal Specifications

Memory 1 Mb – 4 Mb flash 512 Kb – 4 Mb static RAM (battery-backed)

Processor 32-bit, 24 Mhz Motorola 68302

Display Backlit graphic LCD COG display Eight lines by 20 characters (128 x 64 pixels)

Keypad 16 keys (programmable keys)

Magnetic Stripe Reader Bi-directional magnetic stripe reader; dual track (third track optional)

Smart Card Optional Smart Card capability; ISO 7816-3, multi-SAM (up to four externally accessible)

MICR E13B and CMC7 fonts

Imaging 300-dpi capture Capable of imaging documents as large as 8.5 inches by 3.7 inches

Power 120 volt AC at 60 Hz (U.S.) Optional power supplies for UK, Australia and New Zealand

Printer Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Technology Single-color cartridge (HP51604A) Prints on documents and roll paper Landscape and portrait modes 4.5 lines per second

Weight 1.82 kg (4 pounds) Shipping weight: 3.86 kg (8.5 pounds); includes terminal, power adapter, telephone line cable, paper roll, plastic spindle and box containing inkjet cartridge Modem 14.4 Kbps synchronous/asynchronous

Dimensions Height: 75 mm (3.95 inches) Width: 146 mm (5.75 inches) Depth: 290 mm (11.4 inches)

Interfaces Three RS-232 (for PIN pads, signature pads and other peripherals) Two RJ-11 (for modem and telephone connections)

Design and Manufacturing Manufactured by VeriFone ISO 9001/9002 guidelines

*Offer through our independent referral partner program with Total Merchant Services. Applicant must meet requirements. Program offered for limited time and website program information subject to change without prior notification.

Prices & product availability subject to change without prior notification. 6% Florida State Sales Tax will be added for all orders shipped to any Florida location.


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