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eCheck.Net™ is an Authorize.Net® Corporation payment service that makes it easy for online and traditional Merchants to accept and process electronic check payments — either directly from their Web site’s storefront or through the Authorize.Net® Virtual Terminal.

By simply selecting the electronic check option on a Merchant’s web site, a customer then enters the requested bank account information.  All transactions are encrypted by using the latest 40 or 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 technology and sent to an Authorize.Net® host server. The complete process takes around five seconds.

Authorize.Net® initiates a debit to the Consumer’s checking account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and subsequently transfers collected funds to the Merchant’s account. The eCheck.Net™ system notifies Merchants of failed debit attempts, including Not Sufficient Funds returns.

Transactions are automatically settled each day and funded within 5-6 business days.

You don’t need a Web Site Based Business to utilize the many benefits of eCheck™.

Typical Examples of businesses that need eCheck.Net™’s vast abilities are:

  • Handle Periodic Billings
  • Businesses such as:
    • health clubs
    • tanning salons
    • subscription services
    • ISPs
    • membership companies
    • health care practitioner

Because eCheck.Net™utilizes the Authorize.Net® Secure payment Gateway you will also have these features:

  • Check the status of transactions
  • Perform credits and returns
  • Obtain status and activity reports
  • Automatically bill customers for recurring charges
  • Run a variety of reports right from the Authorize.Net® Virtual Terminal

eCheck™ Transaction Types

October 10, 2007

We are pleased to announce that eCheck.Net® now supports two additional electronic check transaction types, Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) and Back Office Conversion (BOC).

ARC allows your merchants to collect payments received in the mail or left in a drop-box, and convert them to electronic payments upon receipt, while BOC allows your merchants to collect a check written and presented by the customer at the point of sale and convert it to an electronic payment during back office processing. Advantages of ARC and BOC include simplified paperwork, unified reporting and quicker receipt of the funds. In addition, with both transaction types, your merchants don’t return the check to the customer or present it to the bank for payment.

Our current eCheck.Net merchants can e-mail admin@merchantsource.com to request that ARC and BOC be added to their profile as supported eCheck.Net payment types. There are no additional fees associated with the ARC and BOC transactions types. Your merchant eCheck.Net pricing will remain the same.

Please refer them to the eCheck.Net Operating Procedures and User Guide at http://www.authorize.net/files/echecknetuserguide.pdf as well as the Merchant Interface Online Help files for more information.

Merchants who are not currently enabled for eCheck.Net can apply by calling our offices 1-800-313-5198 to add this service.

eCheck™ Rates

Setup Fee
$ 0.00
Charge-back Fee
Returned Item Fee
$ 3.00
Batch Fee
$ 0.30
Monthly Minimum Fee
Per-Transaction Fee (Cumulative Tier) > $1.00
$ 0.35

eCheck.Net Discount Rate (Cumulative Tier)

$0-$4,999.99 Charge Transaction Dollar Volume 0.75%
$5,000-$49,999.99 0.70%
$50,000.00-$199,999.99 0.60%
$200,000.00 or more 0.55%

*All amounts in US dollars

 eCheck™ Guidelines/Restrictions

  • eCheck.Net™ enables Merchants to obtain payment from their Customer via direct debit to their bank account.
  • eCheck.Net™ transactions are not processed in real-time and do involve additional risk to the Merchant.
  • eCheck.Net™ transactions “clear” and are paid to the Merchant in approximately seven calendar days.
  • eCheck.Net™ transactions will appear on a Merchant’s Customer’s bank statement as “ECHECK TRANSACTION XXXXXXXXXX” where the Xs represent a 10 character abbreviation of the Merchant’s business name.
  • eCheck.Net™ transactions are not guaranteed and can be revoked by the Customer without the protections present with card transactions.
  • All eCheck.Net™ transactions must be authorized by the Customer in writing and physically signed, just like with a paper check.
    Authorize.Net® Is the acquirer of eCheck.Net™ transactions and sets all processing volumes and levels for a Merchant.

*Note:  Of course, written customer authorization is always required, and Merchants must apply and be approved for the eCheck.Net™ service prior to performing these types of transactions.