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EBT Cards at Farmer Markets

EBT Cards accepted at Farmer Markets

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program —  SNAP

Farmers market vendors are growing the demand for Wireless EBT processing.

State EBT (now called SNAP) programs have become very popular and are being used to promote healthier eating by the offering the opportunity for consumers to purchase fresh produce from local farmers markets. By purchasing produce locally, it helps to grow the economy locally. More citzens will have increased access to farm-fresh food at selected farmers markets this season.

Become a SNAP Retailer:

USDA/Food & Nutrition Services is the federal agency that issues merchants their FNS number. As of Oct.  1, 2008, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the new name for the Federal Food Stamp Program.

Any retailer that would like to accept food stamp benefits (EBT) must be licensed to participate in the Food Stamp Program.

If you would like for us, MerchantSource®, to assist you in completing the application process to obtain your Certification to be able to accept SNAP (formerly called EBT) Food Stamps as a form of payment from your customers, read on.

Click here to request the SNAP-EBT Application Questionnaire be emailed to you.

MerchantSource® offers SNAP-EBT card application assistance for a nominal fee. Payment is required at the time of your application. You may either complete the above emailed EBT Questionnaire or submit your verbal application over the phone to
our offices. Your application submission is your consent that you understand the above terms of my submission and agree
to them.

You will receive an email from our offices confirming receipt of your completed SNAP-EBT Application Questionnaire and we will contact you by phone to go over the paperwork which you have submitted to us prior to electronic submission to the USDA.

MerchantSource® neither makes nor implies any warranties or promises that your SNAP (EBT) application will be approved. This decision is completely under the approval guidelines and jurisdiction of the FNS USDA department. Once the USDA has provided you with the certificate, you simply contact your current merchant services provider to have it “activated/programmed” in your terminal. If we are also providing you with your merchant services then we will program the terminal to process SNAP-EBT food stamps and EBT Cash Benefit cards at no additional cost.

If you do not currently have a credit/debit/EBT card processing terminal and wish to participate in our landline or wireless terminal program please contact our offices at 1-800-313-5198. Our full merchant services program is required to process all transitions through one terminal.