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MerchantSource Privacy Policy

MerchantSource Privacy PolicyMerchantSource® recognizes and respects how important personal privacy is to you. Because your privacy is important to us, we operate under the guiding principle that we will not release your personal information to any unaffiliated party.   Your personal information is the information specific to you that you provide us. This includes the information you enter into an online secure orders or questions you ask via e-mail, or personal banking/payment data.

Here are the questions that we’re most often asked about privacy. If you don’t see your question on the list, please visit our Customer Service Center or call us direct at 1-800-313-5198.

When/Why does MerchantSource® collect personal information?

  1. When you order products or services, we collect personal information in order to process your request. We keep this information so that we can give you the products and services you request. Some of this information also goes to our operating partners (for example, our leasing payment partner needs specific data to implement your lease payments). This company follows the same security guidelines because they do not want their names sold to junk mail lists either!
  2. When you send us e-mail, we’ll keep the content of the e-mail, your e-mail address, and our response so that we can follow-up on questions you may have. We also use it to measure how well we answer your questions.

How does MerchantSource® use the personal information I provide?

Care is taken with the information you have provided to us because it represents the trust you place in us. MerchantSource® will use your personal information in the normal course of doing business simply to do what you’ve asked us to do. We will also use this information to provide positive identification of you when you contact us.

Does MerchantSource® provide personal information to external parties?

NO. MerchantSource® does not and will not sell or provide personal information to third parties for independent use. We may, however share personal information with business partners if they need that to give you the product or service you requested. For example, in order to process your credit card / debit card / checks or make payments on equipment/software/Internet service, we give our partner only the information they need to provide this service.

How is my information protected?

We do ask that you keep your information as up to date as possible, so that we can do a better job for you. In particular, please make sure that you let us know if your business has changes that we should be aware of such as location or ownership, and please let us know if your e-mail address changes, since this is an effective way to easily communicate. If at any time you have questions about our privacy policy, please call us direct at 1-800-313-5198, or of course e-mail us.

Will I ever receive unsolicited mail from MerchantSource®?

We do on occasion distribute information that may be of interest to our customers. Most frequently this takes the form of e-newsletters. If you would prefer not to receive future e-newsletters, simply notify us at kimL@merchantsource.com.